Joining the Agency

Registering for Extras and Featured Extras Work

You do not need experience or training to be put forward for extras and featured extras work in television commercials, film or television production. Most work is visual based, meaning you are booked because you suit the look/age/demographic/real-life-skill etc a production is looking to fill.  Most Featured Extras work pays very well ($1,500-$5,000+ per day) and we have people working most days of the week. However, for most talent the work is intermittent, meaning it should not be relied on as a regular source of income. It is however a great way of experiencing what its like to work on set when you do achieve a role.


Minor Acting Roles / Featured Work

A good deal of featured television commercial work requires some basic acting training or experience, as it involves doing something in addition to just looking the part . These roles usually only last for a few seconds on screen but casting directors expect previous training or experience for us to put you forward for them. This is also the case for minor roles in films or television productions.


Speaking/Major Roles

Acceptable acting training or experience is required for us to put you forward for such work. These roles range from a performance on a television commercial through to a credited role on a film or television production.


Acting Workshops

If you don't have professional acting training or experience we conduct one day casting/acting workshops from time to time by a professional casting director/acting coach. These are an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced casting directors in the business. The workshops include acting techniques and principles as well important casting techniques to help you land the role when attending a casting. A large number of television commercials we get each week ask for some acting training or experience and this course gives you all necessary skills and qualifications required for us to submit you for minor acting roles for TVCs and minor parts in film and television production.



Screentalent is a talent agency and we earn a commission on the work we get you, which ranges between 10-20% depending on the type of work. If you are new to the industry there is a cost to you in setting up for work such as casting photography and being put on the various industry databases that we use to get you work.  We have a New Talent Package that covers all necessary setup basics. For details please see Screentalent Fees  before applying to join the agency.


Professional actors or experienced talent moving to us from another agency may be exempted from fees or have fees postponed at agency's discretion.


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