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Below are fees associated with registering with the agency. As part of joining we require that professional photos are taken for us to use to put you forward for work. We use these photos on our database as well as the main industry websites that we use to our talent work.  Please see our packages below. For reasons of photo consistency, file size, style and copyright issues we only use photos taken by our appointed photographers. Talent are welcome to provide additional photos for their profiles however the main image must be consistent with other profile photos. Professional actors and experienced talent moving to us from another agency may be exempted from fees or have them deducted from your first job (at the agency's discretion).


New Talent Package

Professional Casting Photos

40-50 photos

Best 2 photos lightly Photoshopped to be used for casting submissions.

Photos and profile on our database and main industry databases (2 years)

Screentalent operates as your Agent

All photos on USB or via file transfer.

Total (inc GST) $240.00


Acting Masterclass (optional)

If you don't have professional acting training or experience we conduct one day casting/acting workshops from time to time by a reputable Casting Director/Acting Coach. These are an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced casting directors in the business. The workshops include acting techniques and principles for all levels as well important casting techniques to help you land the role when attending a casting. A large number of roles we get each week ask for some acting training or experience and this course gives you qualifications required for us to submit you to productions for minor roles that ask for acting training or experience.

Tot (inc GST) $250.00


New Talent Package with Acting Masterclass

Both the New Talent Package and the Masterclass combined as one transaction.

Tot (inc GST) $450.00


We also accept external reputable acting tuition as being an acceptable qualification for being submitted for acting roles. Please note, for us to submit you for roles that require acting skills acceptable acting training or experience is required by a reputable acting school or tuition. Please decide what photographic packages or courses you require carefully as we cannot give refunds once paid.  Photos can be postponed with greater than 48 hours notice and courses can be rescheduled with greater than 7 days notice as we still have to pay a photographer booked or may not be able to replace your place in the course if canceled within this time.



Screentalent is a talent agency and we earn a commission on the work we get our talent which ranges between 10-20% depending on the type of work and production.


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