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Joining the Agency


To apply for extras or featured extras work we now only interview over the phone or via email rather than having to come to our office.  You will only need to attend our studio for photos.


Please only come to our office if you have an appointment, and please do not attend if suffering from any Covid or flu like symptoms.


Registering for Extras and Featured Extras Work

We are currently accepting people of various looks and ages for extras and featured extras work. You don't need experience or training to be put forward for extras roles as it's usually based on how you look or if the production is after someone with a real life skill, such as a barman or nurse or the like, as they often prefer to use someone with experience for such roles.  Payment for extras roles vary per day depending on factors such as how featured you are, type of usage, and the number of territories the production is airing in.


Minor Acting Roles / Featured Work

A good deal of featured television commercial work requires some basic acting training or experience, as it involves doing something in addition to just looking the part . These roles usually only last for a few seconds on screen but casting directors expect previous training or experience for us to put you forward for them. This is also the case for minor roles in films or television productions.  We have acting workshops that will give you basic acting skills to enable you to be put forward for minor acting roles


Featured Speaking Roles

Acting training and/or experience is required for us to put you forward for such work.


Acting Workshops

If you don't have professional acting training or experience we can direct you to casting/acting workshops taught by professional casting directors and acting coaches. These are an excellent opportunity to learn from the most experienced coaches in the business. The workshops include acting techniques and casting techniques to help you land a role when attending a casting.  These workshops gives you the basic skills required for us to submit you for minor acting roles for TVCs and minor parts in film and television production.



Screentalent is a talent agency and we earn a commission on the work we get you.  Commissions vary depending on the type of role and production. For more information please see Commissions and Fees


Talent Photographs

The first step to joining the agency is to fill out the application to join the agency form.  After receiving, we will email you asking to see some photos to see what you look like.  They don't need to be professional and are only used to give us an idea of what you look like.


We now have a very low cost to register with the agency that includes professional photos and photos/details loaded onto the various industry databases we use to get you work.  For details please see Commissions, Photos and Fees  before applying to join the agency.


To apply to join the agency please Apply Here





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