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Photograph Specifications:


If you wish to use your own photographs with Screentalent they must conform to our specifications strictly.  When we submit talent for work we usually do so with many other talent's photos included in the submission.  Accordingly, any photos supplied must be consistent with the other photos that we use or they will be rejected.


Photos must be:

Professionally taken.

Have a white background.

Be natural looking.

Taken front on with natural poses.

Have correct framing

Be the correct size and format.


We will only allow one opportunity to submit your own photos as it is not possible to go back and forth regarding photos, so please ensure they comply before submitting.  If you can't supply photographs that meet our specifications the first time you will need to have professional photographs taken by one of our appointed photographers. There is a cost involved in having professional photographs taken, please see Commissions and Fees


We need two different images to submit you for work. The first being a headshot 300 x 400 pixels, in colour and supplied as a .jpg

(see example 1)



Plus the second being a 3/4 shot (head to hips) 600 x 900 pixels, in colour and supplied as a .jpg

(see example 2)




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