COVID-19 Changes


We've made changes to the way we do business to address the COVID-19 issue. At present there are only limited productions being made as most have either been postponed or cancelled.  We are still supplying talent to these productions under strict conditions.




For anyone currently working on a production every effort must be made to adhere to social distancing requirements and to minimise any change of getting or passing on an infection.


Accordingly, talent must not attend a production if feeling unwell in any way, have symptoms of COVID-19, have been in contact with anyone having the virus within 14 days or otherwise have a high risk of having contracted the virus.


Should we become aware of any conduct that puts other talent or production staff at risk we cannot put you forward for work and will advise any production that you have already been booked for.




Most casting agents have now moved to requiring self-tapes instead of holding live castings.  As a result, you may receive a self-tape request and ideally you should use your smart phone to make one.


You will receive specific instructions to upload videos (up to 2GB) via www.wetransfer.com. When you do upload videos, please make sure you include the following information in the “Message” field:


Your Name

Project Name

Role Name

Please name your file in the following format: firstnamelastname_projectname. For example: johnsmith_Target.


Once we have received your video(s) and downloaded the files, you will receive a confirmation email from WeTransfer. All self-tapes will be forwarded to productions as quickly as possible, processing them in order of their arrival.





We have changed how people may join the agency to take into account COVID-19.


Interviews to join the agency are now conducted via Zoom, FaceTime or Telephone.


New talent are still able to come into our studio for photos. However, do not come to our office without an appointment or if you are suffering from any Covid type symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who may have Covid over the last 14 days.


Social distancing measures are adhered to should you have photos done at our studio.



To join the agency please APPLY HERE






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